And from time to time, you’ll realize that sometimes love isn’t enough… 

Curiosity killed the cat

but satisfaction brought her back.

To what extent is curiosity worth it?



to be happy.

Have faith. In yourself. In others. In God. 

It will be okay. Just have faith, and don’t be afraid to believe in what could happen. 

"She needed a hero so she became it."

spot the difference

spot the difference

"You are the only person you need to be good enough for."

a recap:

two weeks. 

an ambulance. 
a hospital. 
a drugging.
a black-out.
a rave. 
a goodbye… (rip) 
a regretful night.
a guilty heart. 
a hangover. 
a flight ticket.
2 essays.
1 assignment. 
1 photoshoot. 

and a whole lot of tears. 

Finding the obituary of someone you didn’t know passedis like a slap in the face. 


So my boyfriend’s DIY present for Valentine’s Day made me cry last night… 

That’s how you know. 


People who legitimately rant about their first world problems>, 

People who rave about their financial “independence,” but still get money from their parents when they get desperate (due to their inability to save)>. 

People who rave about their financial “independence” because they work, but still rely on their parents’ money in general>.

Seeing you patiently tutoring someone despite being exhausted, with no sign of annoyance or irritability makes me feel very blessed to have you in my life. 

You’re probably the most genuine, kind and patient person I know.